Committed to pet excellence

We will treat every pet with a similar sympathy that we would expect for our own pets.



CALLVET (SMC) Pvt Ltd is the community’s choice for a complete array of compassionate veterinary care, pet services, and products for dogs and cats, birds, wild animals, exotic animals and livestock sector. All the Projects of CALLVET (SMC) Pvt Ltd are under supervision of The professional and courteous Dr Abdul Waheed Fatim. We make Realtime connection between “Vets/Paravets/Allied Veterinary staff/Pet owners/Livestock farmers/Livestock Industry /Pet Industry/ Pet shops/Birds Shops”

Dr. Abdul Waheed Fatim.

Our Values:

  • Honesty—Personal integrity and accountability
  • Trust—To believe in and rely on each other
  • Quality—Providing exceptional animal care and client support
  • Education—A passion to expand and share our knowledge
  • Teamwork—Collaboratively utilizing our diverse talents in pursuit of a common goal
  • Compassion—Selfless empathetic support and care toward animals, clients, and each other

Our highly trained heath care team improves the quality of life for all family pets and animals. We continually enhance and expand our compassionate care and services, while building long-term relationships and nurturing the human–animal bond

Our Head Veterinarian:

  • Dr Abdul Waheed Fatim
  • Veterinary Physician And Surgeon
  • MPhil Animal Surgery(UVAS Lahore Pakistan)
  • DVM (BZU Multan Pakistan)
  • RVMP (PVMC Islamabad Pakistan)
  • Ex IVO at Milk Collection and Dairy Developments MCDD in NESTLE Pvt. Ltd Pakistan
  • Founder of Zakariya Animal Rescue Foundation ZARF Pakistan
  • Senior Veterinary Consultant at Sardar Dairy Farm Vehari Punjab
  • Director at Inspire Education Consultant Pakistan
  • Director at callvet Pvt. Ltd.
  • Co-Founder Pakland Agri and Dairy Services Pakistan
  • Admin at Jobs For Vets Society of Pakistan
  • Project Director: Mera Khawab Rabies Free Punjab Pakistan
  • Ex IVO at NIP Pakistan