Pet Adoption

Adoption Policy

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Pet Adoption

This process involves taking animals from families that can’t further look after them due to multiple reasons i.e. (moving abroad, having so many pets already etc.) to families that can provide them shelter and all other basic necessities of life so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.


- To give your pet to another family you just need to consult CALLVET team to get complete details of FREE ADOPTION policy.
- To adopt any pet from someone through CALLVET platform you should be CALLVET member (For Membership Details please contact +92-302-9203204)

Callvet Roles:

CALLVET only work as health care provider. CALLVET shall not be involved in any vetrolegal cases and are not bond for any follow ups, tracking of the animals & families who have given or taken any animal from our platform. CALLVET just work as animal’s welfare coordinator ensures to arrange loving & caring families that can provide 5 freedoms to animals (freedom from hunger, thirst, diseases, discomfort, showing their natural behavior and breeding)