Foundation Serivces

Animal Ambulance Service




Medical Checkup

People Animal Rights Awareness Programs

Educating Young Generation to save Animals

Aims and Objectives

  • Providing Boarding, Healthcare
  • Educating people about Animal Rights

Goal Statement

  • Eliminate animal cruelty, and Provision of Quality Health Services for Animals in Pakistan.
  • Increasing the size of likeminded population (onboarding youth on our agenda)
  • Implementing laws by use of strong/deadly forces against offenders or violators
  • Making Team of Vets Volunteers for Providing Free Treatment of Stray Animals in All Areas of Pakistan.
  • Making Team of Non Vets Volunteers for Helping Animals i.e. Transportation, Campaign, Animals Welfare Events Management, Shelter Duties, Fund Raising, Media Support and Making Policies in innovative way.

Strategies for 1st year


Whatsapp group to converge on a more dynamic platform; like an official FB page registered with an NGO name e.g. “CARC Pakistan”


Finance Team will develop budget and plan to meet it


Fund raising team will provide feedback and agree to meet budget targets


Marketing team will plan to: create volunteer programs to include youth, conduct surveys, liaison with corporate sectors/educational institutions to achieve their objectives


HR Team will certify volunteer performances, work with institutions for recognition and accreditation of certificates for points

  • HR will launch programs to develop industry relevant skills among our volunteers.

Each team will plan and mobilize their sub committees

# Task Status
1 Develop Website/facebook page and organizational setup and an office workspace Office done, fb page done
2 Appointment of core committee Pending
3 Develop IT infrastructure Pending
4 Develop organizational structure and increase volunteer base to 5,000 recruits Pending
5 Converge animal rights organizations/workers/supporters on that page Pending
6 Whatsapp group to converge on a more dynamic platform; like an official FB page registered with an NGO name. Pending
# Core Committee Branches/Teams Task
1 Finance/treasury Banking affairs, budgeting, goal setting for forecasted expenses (3 to 5 members with expertise)
2 Fund raising To work with finance committee and meet targets (20 members)
3 IT To develop small supporting IT infrastructure to support meeting and HR programs
4 Government and legal affairs To manage legal works and penetrate into government bodies
5 Marketing/public relations For Events arrangements
6 Recruitment to launch volunteer drives, meet awareness targets, surveys, data collection and data set preparation (30+)
7 conducting official onboarding process member IDs, record keeping (3 to 5)
8 HR Look for supporting programs to help our members and volunteers. Design volunteer encouragement programs
9 Project management support (skilled people to support our staff in various needs) (no limit – on call members)
10 Front runners organizational body assigns tasks/ allocates location or work area

# Bank Account Title Account Number
1 Jazzcash 0302-9203204
2 Easy paisa 0302-9203204
3 Meezan CALLVET SMC Pvt. Ltd. 0260-0104306890
Whatsapp Click on Link 0302-9203204
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